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7 Tips for Succulents and the Succulent Bar

We have a long standing, healthy full bodied friendship with succulents and cacti in our beloved desert. They are intriguing, they thrive, and they embody our rare, harsh environment all while keeping up with their beauty regimen. We have a wide variety in the shop and we use them in our arrangements year round.  Our Succulent Bar is the perfect place to get started.  We wanted to share a few tips on how to care for them once they leave us and are yours forever:  Use well drained soil and/or cactus mix compost with sand to increase drainage.  You can spray your plants as they will suck water from the air as well.  Bright light, though not intense direct sunlight.  Repot...

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Bloom, Blossom, Boom and the Maiden

The shop is full to the brim of branches blooming. They are part of what makes spring so magical and why poets become entrapped by their tangles and beauty.  Here is a sampling of our spring branch line up:  Cherry. Tulip. Magnolia. Prunus Forsythia.  *Remember to cut branches at an extreme angle so they are able to soak up the most water. Fresh water daily is optimal. Come gather with us around the blossoming branches during this crisp week entering into spring.  xo Teresa To the Spring - Friedrich Schiller  Welcome, gentle Stripling,Nature's darling thou!With thy basket full of blossoms,A happy welcome now!Aha!--and thou returnest,Heartily we greet thee--The loving and the fair one,Merrily we meet thee!Think'st thou of my maidenIn thy heart of...

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Profile: Dutch Painter Rachel Rusych

Our work is very much influenced not only by our crew here at the flower shop, our local world, art nouveau, but by the art of old. Rachel Rusych is an example of one such artist. Born in 1664, she revolutionized how still life and particularly florals were painted and perceived. Rusych was an apprentice of painters and a natural collector alongside her father, a Professor of Anatomy and Botany, whose work quickly became internationally known. It was highly sought after and was more valuable on the market than the works of Rembrandt in her lifetime, a fulfilling 86 years. Rusych's application is rococo, it is her own, it is everlasting, it is natural, it is technical, and for us...

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