Staycation Box

Staycation Box

$ 135.00

For the free spirits and bohemians. This box was originally inspired by a wild spirit of our own, our coworker Laura - who’s since left our shop to tend to bees and make her own wine on a secluded ranch. Hopefully this bestselling box will make the lucky recipient feel just as relaxed and carefree! 

Palo Santo Bundle | Amazonian tribes ceremoniously burn the wood of the Palo Santo tree to chase away negativity and evil spirits. Enjoy its scent as you would a candle in your home, or use it intentionally for smoke cleansing your space.

Sage Bundle | Indigenous tribes of North America have utilized White Sage and other herbs in smudging rituals to open ceremonies and cleanse people and spaces for centuries. Use the herb for smoke cleansing and setting intentions for your home. 

Abalone shell | A lovely pearlescent dish to catch falling ash from your sage, palo santo, or favorite incense. 

Creosote Bundle | The scent of Sonoran Desert rain in one small bundle. Creosote is the plant that gives the desert its distinctive, unique smell after it storms. Tell them to hang the bundle in their bathroom for a fresh, vibrant scent.

P.F. Candle | Hand-poured in LA, with scents inspired by the West Coast and clean-burning soy wax. 

Matches | In a charming glass vial with attached match striker.

Citrine Crystal | This bright, caramel-colored crystal ushers in prosperity and success. Carry it with you to lift your mood, boost your energy, and stimulate a healthy immune system. 

Potted Plant | A 4” potted cactus or succulent in a ceramic vessel. Easy to care for and an essential for desert boho decor. 

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