Monsoon Chocolate

Monsoon Chocolate

$ 10.00

We offer a variety of craft chocolate bars from confectioner Monsoon Chocolate, locally based in Tucson, AZ. They source single-origin, transparently-sourced cacao from around the world, and draw inspiration from local ingredients and traditions when crafting their award-winning chocolate bars. 

We recommend their delicious vegan milk chocolate (made with oat milk), their subtle mesquite-infused white chocolate, and their Atole white chocolate - inspired by the sweet masa-based beverage and delicately infused with blue corn. 

Bejofo Estate Madagascar: 80% dark chocolate

Esmeraldas Ecuador: 75% dark chocolate

Kokoa Kamili Tanzania: 77% dark chocolate

Semuliki Forest Uganda: 74% dark chocolate

Ucayali Peru: 72% dark chocolate

Biche Trinidad: 45% oat milk chocolate - vegan

Mesquite White Chocolate: 45% white chocolate

Blue Corn Atole White Chocolate - 42% white chocolate

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