Morning Calm Handmade Soap

Morning Calm Handmade Soap

$ 10.00

All natural traditional cold process soap.

Bamboo Charcoal - This gentle charcoal soap is made with activated Korean bamboo charcoal which contains lots of minerals and has high absorption rate. Bamboo charcoalo soap is well known to balance and detoxify skin with its ability to naturally remove and absorb impurities.

Calendula - This unscented calendula soap is made with lots of chamomile flower extract and organic shea butter. It is suitable to use for everyone even babies. Chamomile and calendula are considered to be effective herbal remedies for skin problems by herbalists.

Himalayan Salt - Himalayan salt is one of the purest salts on the planet containing an abundance of trace elements and minerals. It detoxifies the skin by balancing systemic pH, improves hydration by providing trace minerals, and brings great relief on minor skin issues with its antiseptic qualities.

Mint Green Clay - Peppermint soap is well-known to work as an antiseptic and antibacterial skin cleanser. The peppermint herb itself has outstanding cooling benefits on the skin and a stimulating aromatic effect.

ZaMyu - ZaMyu means "soothing" in Sanskrit. Used with Asian healing herb Jacho infused extra virgin olive oil, lots of organic shea butter, vitamin E rich sunflower seed oil, nourishing apricot kernel oil, aloe vera juice and other amazing ingredients. This soup is a great choice for irritated sensitive skin.

Handmade by Hwasoon.

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