Tennen Incense Series - Mix of Scents
Tennen Incense Series - Mix of Scents

Tennen Incense Series - Mix of Scents

$ 16.00

A thoughtful gift or the perfect addition to your home incense collection. Tennen offers these incense packs of fifteen short sticks in three different scents. The Sonoran Desert Series is filled with bright, light, floral notes. For earthy and woodsy scents, seek the Japan Dry Garden series. 

15 short incense sticks. 

Each series contains a total of 15 short incense sticks in 3 different scents - 5 of each scent. 

Made in Japan. 2.75” stick length. 20 minute burn time.

Sonoran Desert Series

Ironwood Thorn | bright, tobacco, oud

Ocotillo Bloom | fresh, soft, uplifting

Spring Arroyo | floral, bergamot, verdant

Japan Dry Garden Series

Wandering Moss | earth, oakmoss, cedar

Fallen Blossom | fresh, gardenia, verdant

Mountain Stone | weathered, sandalwood, quiet

Tennen is a multidisciplinary firm that designs for mindful living. Their work includes buildings, interiors, landscapes, furniture, hardware, accessories, and scents for the home. No matter the object of their design, they approach everything with curiosity, a respect for the materials, and a desire to simplify and remove the non-essential. 

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