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Gift Guide 2018 Camelback Flowershop

It's simple, write it down. It has been proven time and time again that writing down your goals, dreams, hopes, desires results in a higher success rate than those not written down. We have the tools for you, here, at the shop to make all your dreams come true. We got you. Write it down. Blackwing pencils and the ideal notebook to stimulate your mind and shift it into accomplishment zone. We want you at your best. 

Here are some New Year's Resolutions for you and the planet in 2019 we thought were "easy" and worth committing to...

  • Commit to not driving 1 Day a week. (Carpool/Ride a Bike/Work from Home)
  • Order flowers for a friend. 
  • Select local produce for a month at the many farmers markets around town. 
  • Stay hydrated. The health benefits are numerous and we must in the desert. 
  • Unsubscribe to anything and everything online. Easy to do and clears your inbox brain. 
  • Write a few letters handwritten or even in email and send it to someone you love...a long lost family member or friend. 
  • Practice gratitude each morning/each evening. Say or write down what you are grateful for...and add the "why" if you can. 
  • Volunteer for a cause, even if just socially online, for a week. Social issues matter and you matter. 

We can still offer same day local delivery or next day local delivery until the 24th. Call ASAP to arrange. We got you. 

x Teresa

But wait we aren't done. Are you just not sure how to reward your office mate for getting through another year or is an unexpected guest now a plus one for Christmas morning? We got you. We can customize gift boxes and deliver. Plant or perfect arrangement, treats, Camelback Flowershop signature candle...its all there and we can add or customize as needed. Call now or come in. 602-840-4646.

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