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"Summer Summer Summer Time...."

  Pink Trio This summer hit us a bit out of the blue (blue, blue skies). With the state of our world, everything seems to be moving in slow motion and yet in fast forward all at once. We are in the process of learning and becoming part of the movement so much bigger than our flower shop, but we know we must be part of the solution.  Remember the entire month of June - Camelback Flowershop is donating 10% of all Camelback Flowershop profits to the following charities: NAACP Legal Defense and Education Black Lives Matter Audre Lorde Project Southern Poverty Law Center UNCF Please browse the summer sale and let us know how we can help you find what you...

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This is not a moment, it’s a movement.

I have felt completely out of my wheelhouse with all that is going on in our world. I want to do more than share another supportive post that would disappear in a moment’s time. It feels weak because it is weak. It is simply not enough. If I am going to help fight for justice, the way that I have taught my own children to fight for other children, the way I educate myself and my children, then I must do more. I have to research more, read more, dig deeper, and make real sacrifices. The entire month of June I am going to donate 10% of all Camelback Flowershop profits to the following charities: NAACP Legal Defense and EducationBlack...

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COVID 19 Protocol at the Flowershop

Due to the Arizona state mandates initiated by Governor Ducey, Camelback Flowershop will remain open for delivery only. The current order encourages all "non essential" businesses maintain at least a basic operation. Additionally, any business that provides shipping and delivery of goods or services is encouraged to stay open during these difficult times.  We are here - for our clients - adhering to CDC guidelines in the shop.  (We are on a strict cleaning and disinfecting schedule in addition to wearing gloves and masks.)  Delivery is how we are serving our community.  Delivery protocol is accept your orders online or over the phone at 602-448-0046. 

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