Fresh Flowers for your Passover Table and Easter Celebrations

Fresh Flowers for your Passover Table and Easter Celebrations

Camelback Flowershop flower arrangements for Easter in Phoenix

A sign of Spring.

We love the celebrations and the traditions of Passover and Easter alike. They arrive with anticipation and in unity every Spring, just as sweet daffodils, delicate hellebores, and magnolia blossoms do.

Both are an honoring and a celebration of duality - life and death, sorrow and joy, fear and hope. 

Passover asks us to reflect on the bitterness of slavery and oppression while rejoicing and giving thanks for freedom and salvation. The seder table is filled with symbols that remind us of these contradictions - Matzah is the bread of the oppressed and the freed, the fresh green karpas symbolize the freshness of spring that are nevertheless dipped in salt water to represent tears, and beitzah, the roasted egg, represents both the cycle of life and the sacrifice of death that is inherent to it.        

Camelback Flowershop flower arrangements for Passover in Phoenix

Easter, too, embraces eggs as a sign of spring and as a symbol of rebirth, celebrating the return of Christ from his tomb, and so we decorate them and use them to create joyful games. The traditional Easter roasted lamb represents the sacrifice of “the Lamb of God”. The beloved Easter bunny is rooted in pagan fertility symbology, serving as a welcome for abundant life and Spring abundance. 

Modern Easter flower arrangement

Both are, at their core, a story of rebirth and hope. As we begin to emerge from the strangeness and uncertainty of the past year, what better backdrop for such celebrations than the abundance and loveliness of fresh flowers? We have beautiful Spring arrangements to grace your table and brighten your home. 

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passover and easter floral arrangements from Camelback Flowershop in Phoenix

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