It's the Little Things.

Light Camelback Flowershop

Before the beautiful madness of the holidays, we like to focus as much as we can on the little things, the spaces in between. The subtleties, the light, the refraction, the one flower that is just a bit brighter, richer than the rest and perhaps the smallest bud. A new space and the newness of our collection is giving us so many opportunities to notice the little things. And with one of our own on her way down the aisle with her beloved this weekend, its really the details, the little things we are loving. 

Amethyst Camelback Flowershop

Come in and enjoy the little things. The texture, the smell, the taste of chocolate, the littlest bouquet. Come for the spot of art, come for the deep breath, come to plant the sweetest littlest succulent. Come and we will be here...every day of the week. Looking forward to delivering all the little things as the holidays welcome us next week. 

Bouquet Camelback Flowershop

See you in the shop. 

x Teresa

*Note: Our plants are enjoying the sunshine in their new home. 


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