Last Minute Gift Guide 2017 // POTS POTS POTS // WRAP SUBSCRIPTION // Til 5PM

The crisp mornings and bitter breezes are here. We are keeping warm from all the hustle and bustle in the shop. We have a few hours left to make sure all our Desert Santa's are ready for Christmas. 


Fortoul Pot

You have a few hours left to pop in and get what you need. We suggest these beautiful Fortoul Painted pots with your favorite cacti/house plant inside. Decorate for Christmas and put another a gift card from us underneath. (Prep Time: minimal)

Fortoul Pots

Or if you are one for the element of surprise...we suggest the Wrap Subscription. (Prep Time: almost none.)

We deliver as many times as you want...weekly, monthly, etc.

We hand-select all of our flowers for our special wraps so that they are new and different each time but still have a clean, modern, organic look. This is an ideal gift for someone who loves to "get flowers" and adds the extra touch of being delivered.

The Wrap has anywhere from 8-18 stems. This will vary season to season. For instance, if peonies and artichokes are in season, they are typically a bit more expensive, and you may only get a few stems mixed with a few other seasonal varieties. If we use giant spider mums, and other less expensive flowers, you will get more stems. Value, size and design will always be present.

Delivery Area:
South of Cactus/Shea, East of 3rd Ave, North of Thomas, and West of the Loop 101. 
Zip Codes: 85012, 85014, 85016, 85018, 85020, 85028, 85250, 85251, 85253, 85258.

We are closed tomorrow, Sunday, Christmas Eve, December 24, 2017...but will re-open Tuesday for all of those who received gift cards and ready to invest. 

x Teresa



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