Mom part 2 // Sunday May 12

Kate Middleton
We are honoring the mothers, the more traditional mums in our lives, and inspired by royalty this round. The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine "Kate" Middleton, is a mother of 3 and has been a model mother in public. Really, how does she do it? And her look is impeccable. We envy the hats. 
Is your mother the epitome of grace and smiles all while wearing just the right ensemble? We bet she is. And we bet she loves babies too. 
Order the Kate Middleton online or call the shop at 602-840-4646. We would love to arrange this design for you and have it ready for delivery or pick up on May 12. 
"Sophisticated, but plays by her own rules. We arranged this design with her in mind, using classic florals with a modern twist."
Infant Joy by William Blake 

I have no name 
I am but two days old, – 
What shall I call thee? 
I happy am 
Joy is my name, – 
Sweet joy befall thee!

Pretty joy! 
Sweet joy but two days old, 
Sweet joy I call thee; 
Thou dost smile. 
I sing the while 
Sweet joy befall thee.

See you in the shop. 

x Teresa

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