Mom part 7 // Sunday May 12

Mother's Day Gift Box
Remember for those mother's that appreciate something that lingers a bit longer...we have custom and ready to order gift boxes. Our signature wooden boxes can be filled with whatever you like from candles to creosote bundles, from crystals we've collected to Teaspressa delights. 
This year our sweet box is curated by the mom's of Camelback Flowershop just for Mother's Day. It includes a beautiful spring mix mason jar arrangement, lavender cookies by Ruze Cakehouse, Teaspressa Black Tea, a tea infuser, and one of our signature candles... all housed neatly inside our handmade CF wooden gift box!
You are able to build your own box on the website - hand select the items - or order the curated boxes we've assembled for the holiday. Select items in our Mother's Day shop or anywhere else on the site. Very exciting process and we love what our clients come up each their own beautiful gift suited for the mothers in their lives. 
We look forward designing your wooden vessel of goodness from us to your mom. 
If you need any assistance-please call the shop at 602-840-4646. 
x Teresa

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