Perspectives and Persimmons


There is nothing like perspective. And we were served a fresh dose of perspective on community and gratitude on Saturday. We had women who felt like family gather around our shop and offer the most incredible goods and treats. What an honor it was ...

Thank you to everyone in the community who joined in Small Business Saturday with some of our favorites. Thank you to Noons, Bettina Chow, She Gathers, LeDinersaur, Provision Coffee, and Sweet Wool.








Persimmons also known as possum apples made a huge showing this year and will continue to do so through the season. Their vibrant color exudes holiday spirit. We love them on a branch...

Come in and get prepared for Hanukkah next week. We have gifts for each of the 8 nights and gifts for the beginning of Advent. Hostess gifts, business gifts, Secret Santas, and everything in between. 

How can make your holiday more merry? And again, thank you for helping us kick off the season by supporting women in business on Small Business Saturday. 

x Teresa


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