It is for ALL // Valentine Shop 2020

We believe that the Valentine's Day is for all. Not just for couples or children in school, but it's for friends and neighbors and lovers and family and children and grandparents and mentors and strangers and you, yourself and you. St. Valentine was for love and well, love is for everyone. Yes, even you. 
Our customized gift boxes are as versatile as love. We have coordinated our ideal gift box for the day, but because we know love comes in all shapes and sizes, you are able to build your own. Come in the shop to customize or call to order (by Thursday!) if online isn't your jam. 602-840-4646. 
We are excited to see what love inspires. Below is one of our favorite items to put in our box - rose quartz - alongside our Camelback Flowershop Signature Candle. 
The day is quickly approaching. We hope you love without abandon...and don't forget to love yourself. 
x Teresa
PS Order for Friday - today. 
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