If Modern-Industrial and Flowershop-Greenhouse had a lovechild, Camelback Flowershop would be her. We offer all of our favorite gifts, from minimalist-designed German watering cans (brass, enamel and copper), to LA based luxury candles, to hand-crafted garden shears, a variety of letter pressed greeting cards and local treats: freshly baked cookies, mole glazed pecans, caramels to-die-for, and the best dark chocolate on the planet. People in Arcadia/Phoenix easily gravitate toward our trend-setting discernment and follow our lead in design and gift options. We have a way about constantly discovering, inventing and offering well-made, and thoughtful gifts. We would rather offer simple and well-curated gift options rather than a myriad of “trendy stuff.” Simplicity at it’s best.

Camelback Flowershop specializes in freshly cut flowers, floral design and same day flower delivery in the Phoenix area. Same day delivery in Phoenix is available in most cases. Since we are a locally owned Phoenix flower shop, every floral order we receive delights us. We take so much pride in making every floral design that goes out of our doors seasonally custom with special attention to every is our attention to detail and superior fresh product, extreme convenience and happy customer service that has made Camelback Flowershop a household name in Arizona.