NEWS: Camelback Flowershop launches Signature Candle Collection

NEWS: Camelback Flowershop launches Signature Candle Collection

CF Candle

After years of our favorite clients coming in and out of our shop and lives wanting just a little bit more - wanting it all to last just a little bit longer - we have concocted and crafted (essential oil based) best version of scents to make it so...

CF Candle Orange Blossom

With a local Phoenician team, we poured our hearts into the process and spent hours with our noses, senses, and memories to create a Camelback Flowershop Signature Candle Collection. Embracing our most memorable days in the valley of the sun and our little neighborhood the following scents emerged: 

Flowershop.  Plucked petals, trimmed stems and smashed leaves.

Arcadia Orange.  Arizona orange blossoms from the old Arcadia orchards.

Phoenix Date.  Phoenix dates, trimmed palm fronds and sunny days.

Sonoran Rain.  Creosote buds, Acacia blooms and desert monsoon.


CF Candle

Our Signature Collection is available for online ordering or at the shop. True to form, we hope they will transform your space the way our florals do. 

Note: These are for the desert mother in your life. We are prepping for the most elevated holiday of the year and we hope this bit of olfactory science will add to the magic of our memories and triumphs of motherhood. 

Truly, I am so enticed by what these scents will do for your soul. 

See you in the shop and I hope we can help you celebrate all the mommas. 

Xo Teresa 

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