Profile: Juliette Poff

Profile: Juliette Poff

Juliette Poff
Maybe it's the pep in her step, maybe it's all the lush curls, maybe it's the smile that won't quit, maybe it's the constant laughs, maybe it's the infectious enthusiasm, maybe it is all the wild she creates with her floral designs...or maybe it's all of that. Juliette is our resident floral designer and flowershop happy. Her design eye is coupled with her ability to make all things grow and spread sunshine wherever she goes. 
Her magic goes beyond the shop and into her living space where her plants get to experience the love of Jules all the day long. Here is a little sneak peak into her jungalow studio:
Here is a little session of "get to know": 

Name: Juliette (or Jules to us)

Years with Camelback Flowershop: 2+

Favorite flower: Hellebores

Past life: Running the streets of the Pacific Northwest with her 6 siblings

Design Style: Jungalow and free

Hobbies: Travels into the wild on the weekends and everywhere in between. Mexico is a favorite. And keeping her jungle alive in her studio and outdoors...

Favorite Arrangement: Custom floral Jules likes to call "Wild Garden"

Someday she will leave us for her High School History classroom and her students, but for now we will take what we can get. 

Come visit Jules in the shop and allow her to build something magical for you. 

Xo Teresa

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  • Juliette is an awesome young lady and special to many of her friends. Young and old! Loved what you posted about her.

    Barbara FLoyd

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