Flowershop Journal — Influence


House Plants // House Pets

The life of a plant in our shop as seen as just that- a life- like a pet. We often refer to our plants as "plant babies"...well, you get the idea.  Our shop stays stocked with house plants, life, ...
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Upcoming // Teacher Appreciation Day

For the teacher who never quits on your kid. For the teacher who notices potential. For the teacher who notices when a high five is in order. For the teacher who is learning alongside your junior ...
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Grand Opening//Thursday-January 18,2017 6-9PM

  Camelback Flowershop4214 E. Indian School Road, Suite 101Phoenix, Arizona 85018   We are celebrating the opening of our new space on Thursday, this very Thursday, tomorrow night at our spot. ...
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Thankful: for the long weekend.

We hope you had time to be with those near and dear to you yesterday. Our list of gratitudes and hope are a mile long. It never ceases to amaze what a day of thankfulness can do for the soul.  We ...
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A Moment of Silence.

The current floods in Southeast Asia and the devastation by Hurricane Harvey to our fellow Americans in Texas is a sober reminder of the fragility of our world and also the compassion and remarkab...
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Weather Permitting

The average temperature in the Phoenix lowlands is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat of the city, the black, the industry, and the exposure in the desert can wear on us... We have decided to serv...
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Artists: In House with Hector Acuna.

Two things I am a really big fan of, the first is humans that really really know their craft,and the second, is art that is just strange enough to make you turn your head sideways a bit....Art th...
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Phoenix New Times: Featured Teresa Wilson

Teresa Wilson at home.  This week our chieftain Teresa Wilson was featured in a lovely article  "Inside Camelback Flowershop Owner Teresa Wilson's Cozy Phoenix Ranch House" by Cristen Pennington...
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Skull Bound

  The art in our shop has been carefully curated over the years and so have our skulls. We believe they are a timeless classic tale of how we developed way out West. We hope you are getting prepped...
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