Upcoming // Teacher Appreciation Day

For the teacher who never quits on your kid. For the teacher who notices potential. For the teacher who notices when a high five is in order. For the teacher who is learning alongside your junior higher...its your turn for flowers. All the spring blooms are here. 

According to the National Education Association, May 8, 2018 is Teacher Appreciation Day. While we know about the current situation in Arizona and the #RedforED movement is in full force alongside our teachers in the private sector, that doesn't mean we cannot show appreciation to all those who are invested in our children. 

Our teachers in the private and public sector could all use a little extra love this year and we are on deck. We have grab and go arrangements and wraps for your favorite teacher or call ahead to order or for deliveries. 

Let us know what you need for your favorite 602-840-4646 or order online here at anytime. 

x Teresa

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