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Mom Part 1 // Sunday May 12

As Mother's Day is fast approaching we are preparing in the shop to celebrate the role of the mother and all that entails. We are collecting poetry and notes about our own mothers..the complexity of our relationships, the ease of our love, and the everlasting bond. (Pictured are wraps available in the shop.)  Remember to order your flowers for Mother's Day online in our Mother's Day shop or call the shop at 602-840-4646.  And don't forget the grandmothers, wives, steps, adopted, aunts, sisters, and friends.  Poem by Maya Angelou Mother, A Cradle to Hold Me “It is trueI was created in you.It is also trueThat you were created for me.I owned your voice.It was shaped and tuned to soothe me.Your arms...

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March Showers Brings Green

What a March it has been. The green is green, really green. We are celebrating the late snow on the mountains and the spring creek run off to all the desert animals and plants. Come in and experience the green. No, please, we beg you. It's our treat.  And don't forget the creosote bundle for the shower. Bring it indoors. Spring is for inside and out.  x Teresa

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Spring is Springing

And all of the sudden we are all outside. We can't get enough of the warm sun hitting us in the afternoon and the coolness in the evening. We know what's coming next...just around the corner...wildflowers will cover our desert floors and turn our cactus fat.  This is the perfect time to plan what plants you want to collect for your patio or in a window sill...   *Note: We have recently welcomed these hanging Vanda Orchids to our shop after years of waiting anxiously. Their mature roots hang freely and will continue to grow if sprayed with water every other day along with proper light. Air plants work in any room. Come in and we can discuss care or...

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Dahlia and van Gogh

In his hometown, Vincent van Gogh is honored at the beginning of each fall with a parade of flowers. Inspired by his work and life, the hamlet of Zundert explodes with one of our favorites that blooms in the fall - the dahlia.  On the 125th anniversary of this death this year, 50,000 spectators gathered to see the floats using flowers grown in the area specifically for the parade. Can you imagine the site? Dahlias as far as the eye can see and as tall as church steeples all to honor an artist. The Dutch are completely obsessed with their dahlias, and well, so are we... Completely enamored. Come in and check the dahlias...imagine building your own flower parade in...

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The Monsoon: Flooding with Forgiveness

We crave the rush of the monsoon. We crave the rush of that last hot breath before its filled with drops from the sky. The desert can be rash and brash, but then the light and the clouds and the drops and the breeze and the wet asphalt changes it all and you forgive her. We forgive the desert after the rain and we should forgive ourselves while we are at it...

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