Flowershop Journal — Blooms


Mom Part 1 // Sunday May 12

As Mother's Day is fast approaching we are preparing in the shop to celebrate the role of the mother and all that entails. We are collecting poetry and notes about our own mothers..the complexity ...
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March Showers Brings Green

What a March it has been. The green is green, really green. We are celebrating the late snow on the mountains and the spring creek run off to all the desert animals and plants. Come in and exp...
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Spring is Springing

And all of the sudden we are all outside. We can't get enough of the warm sun hitting us in the afternoon and the coolness in the evening. We know what's coming next...just around the corner...wild...
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Dahlia and van Gogh

In his hometown, Vincent van Gogh is honored at the beginning of each fall with a parade of flowers. Inspired by his work and life, the hamlet of Zundert explodes with one of our favorites that blo...
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The Monsoon: Flooding with Forgiveness

We crave the rush of the monsoon. We crave the rush of that last hot breath before its filled with drops from the sky. The desert can be rash and brash, but then the light and the clouds and the dr...
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Upcoming // Teacher Appreciation Day

For the teacher who never quits on your kid. For the teacher who notices potential. For the teacher who notices when a high five is in order. For the teacher who is learning alongside your junior ...
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Weekend//Your Weekend//Our Weekend

We are now open Saturday and Sunday 9AM-1PM at our new location. Have you been in on a weekend yet?  The weekend, the perfect time to pop in and pick up flowers (even just a branch) for your day,...
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Components // Fall Wreath

Tomorrow is more of an official countdown to Thanksgiving...the fun of Halloween will come to a close and our fall here in the desert is just beginning. We have designed the perfect wreath for th...
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Our year is full of matrimony and preparations thereof. It is thrilling and never dull and we feel like we get to be apart of something that is lovely and forever. But before the bride/groom walks...
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