Spring is Springing

And all of the sudden we are all outside. We can't get enough of the warm sun hitting us in the afternoon and the coolness in the evening. We know what's coming next...just around the corner...wildflowers will cover our desert floors and turn our cactus fat. 

This is the perfect time to plan what plants you want to collect for your patio or in a window sill...


Orchid Camelback Flowershop

*Note: We have recently welcomed these hanging Vanda Orchids to our shop after years of waiting anxiously. Their mature roots hang freely and will continue to grow if sprayed with water every other day along with proper light.

Air plants

Air plants work in any room. Come in and we can discuss care or give us a call with any questions. 602-840-4646. 

Anthurium Plant

The Anthurium plant in a concrete pot is hearty and changes a room. Let us know if this is more your spring scene. 

 Come by the shop or order online whenever it is best for you. We have been waiting for Spring and her she is.

x Teresa 

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