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Tomorrow is more of an official countdown to Thanksgiving...the fun of Halloween will come to a close and our fall here in the desert is just beginning. We have designed the perfect wreath for the run from October to your Thanksgiving feasts. 

Let's start with your Camelback Flowershop shopping list:

1 Grapevine

3 Magnolia branches + leaves

3 Coin Eucalyptus

7 Wheat 

2 Sorghum (grows locally)

2 Lotus Pods

1 Feather Cluster

1 Pampas Grass

3 Cotton Balls (grows locally)

2 Olive Branches

Cotton at Camelback Flowershop

Once you've gathered all your pieces from the shop...we can give you a quick overview and you'll be on your way. A wreath will work as the perfect centerpiece or the most ideal welcome to your home this upcoming holiday season. 

Please come in soon and pick up all the necessary components. We would love to see you. 

Have fun with all the tricking and safe. 

x Teresa 

PS If your home or space needs a special blend to get in the mood of fall, remember our Signature Candle Collection might just do the trick. 



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