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Make Her Blush Holiday Guide 2017 //Japanese Mirror  (in copper) //Camelback Flowershop Signature Candle //Water Bottle bkr //Lip Gloss //Peach Stilloite Crystal (India) //Board in black This gift guide is for the girl on the go...stop and make her blush. We discovered these cone mirrors (lay flat with mirror underneath) made in Japan and paired it with everything to make a girl blush. These quartz are perfect for the bedside table or the vanity. We have several options, but this piece is a stunner. She traveled to us from India. And speaking of travel, this bkr water bottle will keep you hydrated on your journeys. Be sure to report back.  All items shown are available in the shop. Come on...

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Thankful: for the long weekend.

We hope you had time to be with those near and dear to you yesterday. Our list of gratitudes and hope are a mile long. It never ceases to amaze what a day of thankfulness can do for the soul.  We are thankful for our team, our families, for our little shop that grew, for flowers that always bloom, for the cotton fields, for the citrus to come, for the crispness in the morning, for the holiday season upon us, for the graciousness and giving spirit of others, for our health, for the moon and the stars, for a good whiskey, for the creosote, for the prickly pear fruit, for the roses, for cheese, for the generations that came before...

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Morning Edition: New Location, New Hours, New, New, News.

Today is the last day in our little shop. We are open at our new location starting Monday morning bright and early at 8am. Our hours are now Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-1pm. Our new weekend hours start next week. Our clients will now have time to browse our extended space and new collection of home items and art gallery.  Today is also the last day of fresh flower happy hour, half off flowers, at our original location. We still have many items for sale too and plants that need a new home on sale. Please stop and gather up a bunch of flowers and give a plant a new home before the weekend. We are working hard all weekend...

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Evening News Edition: WEEKENDS

As a part of our moving announcement we would like to add, WE WILL NOW BE OPEN ON THE WEEKENDS! Saturday and Sunday from 9am-1pm in addition to our Monday-Friday hours 8am-6pm. A lead designer and team will be there to take care of your weekend to-dos. Romantic gestures, throwing a bash, celebrating a friend: we will be on hand. We hope this allows you to spend more time with us and more time dreaming of flora and fauna like we do... Our new location, just two blocks east, will be open Monday November 6, 2017. Our new shop is ideal for our designers and our new home/gallery section has room to grow and engage our clients like we were unable...

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Fall // Designer Choice

We chose our top fall florals for you in hopes you would be inspired to join us for Fresh Flower Happy Hour on Friday...or maybe stop by to pick something up for someone who could use a fall boost other than caffeine. Our lives are good and madness and lovely and insane all at once...shall we pause for a moment with our beloveds and take in the new season? A stroll down a desert mountain path, dinner on the patio, a knock on a neighbor's door to inspect the citrus harvest to come? Deep breaths and florals is our way to enjoy the shift into dried leaves and glorious dark mornings.  Here are our favorites to enjoy the fall from...

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