Evening News Edition: WEEKENDS

As a part of our moving announcement we would like to add, WE WILL NOW BE OPEN ON THE WEEKENDS! Saturday and Sunday from 9am-1pm in addition to our Monday-Friday hours 8am-6pm. A lead designer and team will be there to take care of your weekend to-dos. Romantic gestures, throwing a bash, celebrating a friend: we will be on hand. We hope this allows you to spend more time with us and more time dreaming of flora and fauna like we do...

Our new location, just two blocks east, will be open Monday November 6, 2017. Our new shop is ideal for our designers and our new home/gallery section has room to grow and engage our clients like we were unable to do with our limited space. While we will miss our little shop, we are excited about this next adventure and all it will afford us and our favorites; you. 

We're Moving

Come see us tomorrow, our last day on the block, and enjoy fresh flower happy hour. 

x Teresa

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