camelback flowershop gift guide 2017 in blush
Make Her Blush Holiday Guide 2017
//Japanese Mirror  (in copper)
//Water Bottle bkr
//Lip Gloss
//Peach Stilloite Crystal (India)
//Board in black
This gift guide is for the girl on the go...stop and make her blush. We discovered these cone mirrors (lay flat with mirror underneath) made in Japan and paired it with everything to make
a girl blush. These quartz are perfect for the bedside table or the vanity. We have several options, but this piece is a stunner. She traveled to us from India. And speaking of travel, this bkr water bottle will keep you hydrated on your journeys. Be sure to report back. 
All items shown are available in the shop. Come on by or call and reserve for a special addition to a "Gift Box" for your favorite Lady Boss this holiday season. 
This week only the personal collection of turquoise jewelry of Teresa Wilson will be available for purchase at the flowershop. Come and see what else we can do to make you or your girl smile. 
x Teresa

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