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Our very own 2nd Annual Small Business Saturday: November 30, 2019

We are so excited about the holiday season! In order to prepare for the loveliest time of year, the time of year when we get to give and give and give - we are thrilled to announce our second annual "Small Business Saturday". We have asked our favorite Valley artisans and talent to join us the weekend after Thanksgiving to provide our clients unique and artful gifts. Come to our location to experience the best of the best.  Here is our all star line up:  Sweet Wool Pour Amor Bettina Chow Ceramics The Woods with You Le Dinersaur Framed Ewe See Salt Andrea Merican Art Left Handed MFG Maple Phoenix Bauhaustin Bad Craft Studio T. Bene Jewelry NOONS Concrete Cole...

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Gift Guide // Pt. 2 Reflective

We have some ideas about the holidays and what it means so close to the new year. We believe in ending and beginning the year with a bang...with the ones we love and the ones we are falling for...It's a time for reflection and how to start fresh.  These Japanese Tone Mirrors are available on our site or in the shop. They are perfect for reflection and a beautiful gift to start out the new year.  Our crystal collection has grown over the years as we have seen how it has effected our space and our clients who purchase. They make beautiful gifts for loved ones and hosts. Please come in and browse or order on the site today.  Tennen...

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Make Her Blush Holiday Guide 2017 //Japanese Mirror  (in copper) //Camelback Flowershop Signature Candle //Water Bottle bkr //Lip Gloss //Peach Stilloite Crystal (India) //Board in black This gift guide is for the girl on the go...stop and make her blush. We discovered these cone mirrors (lay flat with mirror underneath) made in Japan and paired it with everything to make a girl blush. These quartz are perfect for the bedside table or the vanity. We have several options, but this piece is a stunner. She traveled to us from India. And speaking of travel, this bkr water bottle will keep you hydrated on your journeys. Be sure to report back.  All items shown are available in the shop. Come on...

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Thankful: for the long weekend.

We hope you had time to be with those near and dear to you yesterday. Our list of gratitudes and hope are a mile long. It never ceases to amaze what a day of thankfulness can do for the soul.  We are thankful for our team, our families, for our little shop that grew, for flowers that always bloom, for the cotton fields, for the citrus to come, for the crispness in the morning, for the holiday season upon us, for the graciousness and giving spirit of others, for our health, for the moon and the stars, for a good whiskey, for the creosote, for the prickly pear fruit, for the roses, for cheese, for the generations that came before...

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Camelback Flowershop: Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Part 2/2.

Gifts available at Camelback Flowershop To those in a gift giving mode and the mode is now. We will be open Saturday 9AM til Noon for last minute magical purchases for the loves in your life and maybe just the people you sorta like but want to impress with your gift giving prowess. We have you covered.  (Above: perfect pots for creamer or delectable pours, hand woven hand towel, and our most prized gifts this season: The line of Tennen incense burners and incense. Designed here in Phoenix.  "Tennen Studio is a multi-disciplinary firm that designs buildings, landscapes, spaces, furniture and objects. We approach our work with curiosity and rigor. We push new ideas and technologies, while embracing the things that...

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