Camelback Flowershop: Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Part 2/2.

Camelback Flowershop Gift Guide
Gifts available at Camelback Flowershop
To those in a gift giving mode and the mode is now. We will be open Saturday 9AM til Noon for last minute magical purchases for the loves in your life and maybe just the people you sorta like but want to impress with your gift giving prowess. We have you covered. 
(Above: perfect pots for creamer or delectable pours, hand woven hand towel, and our most prized gifts this season: The line of Tennen incense burners and incense. Designed here in Phoenix. 

"Tennen Studio is a multi-disciplinary firm that designs buildings, landscapes, spaces, furniture and objects. We approach our work with curiosity and rigor. We push new ideas and technologies, while embracing the things that time cannot change - natural light, change of seasons, and the inherent physical and sensual qualities of materials. Tennen Studio pursues simplicity in our design work, both as an economy of gesture as well as a removal of the non-essential." We love their ethos.)

Gift Guide Camelback Flowershop
Gifts available at Camelback Flowershop
(Above: Everything for the gent in your life that loves the perfect shave and the oil to keep the beard in tip top condition, matches in a perfect bottle, crystals for the stocking, cactus for your desert dweller.) 
See you in the shop. It is all hands on deck...and we love it. 
X Teresa
PS Remember to pick your centerpieces and hostess florals Saturday. Order ahead: 602-840-4646. 
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