2017: We are the building blocks of resolutions.

Building Block

(Available at Camelback Flowershop) 

Our shop has been overwhelmed with all the love and powerful vibe that has passed through our doors this past Holiday Season. We have watched relationships blossom, families form, gatherings explode into traditions, and love conquer all...building blocks of good times. 

Now that it is resolution season, we are wanting to be a part of that too. We want to be a part of your building, your chasing, your hunting, your standing, your peacemaking, and your make ups. 

But let's make sure your number one resolution doesn't fizzle by February: consistent fresh flowers. Remember our Wrap Subscription if your plate is full and our curbside delivery if things get overwhelming. 

Fresh flowers arrive daily. Come take part of the action. 

Love and resolutions. 

X Teresa

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