Valentine's Day 2017: The gang's all here.

Valentine's Day 2017: The gang's all here.

Valentine Collection: Juliette. 

We study, we design, we edit, we explore, we explode and then our Valentine's Day collection is born for the most discerning of clients and their beloveds to speak the words they are unable to through nature's most perfected mouth: flora. We've created a gang like no other this year. 

We are proud to introduce: Audrey, Juliette, Frida, Grace, Meryl, Lola, Penelope, Scarlett, and Stella

They include an assortment of garden roses, anemones, parrot tulips, magnolia, amaryllis, stock, scabiosa, and more depending on the arrangement. Prices and sizes may vary, but they all carry the same vital message: love. 

Please order soon and anticipate the rewards of sending love.

Valentine Collection: Grace.

Order online, via phone, or come by the flower shop. 

The gang is ready and waiting. 

X Teresa

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