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Valentine Online // 2018 // Wrap Club

  Because the Valentine season seems too short and we know you love your Valentine more than just one day out of the year...we have the solution. The Camelback Flowershop Wrap Club provides your love with a beautiful signature design and arrangement as often as you like. It wins all the points.  And remember, ordering for yourself is something we promote here at the shop. Self care is part of the healing frenzy of florals. Sometimes a Valentine doesn't catch on and you need to handle your floral business.  Order online now or call the shop to set up your membership in the Wrap Club.  x Teresa   The Wrap Club // Details You choose delivery either every 1, 2, or...

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Valentine's Day 2017: Flower Speak

The language of flowers, originating more officially in the Victorian Era, has since progressed to provoke more modern messages, though the tangles and roots of love seem to stand the test of the time. We design with the so many complex things in play from growing seasons to taste level and occasion.  That being said, we wanted to decode and decipher a couple of our designs and what they might mean according to the days of yore.  Juliette: Valentine's Day 2017  So what does our favorite the Juliette say, exactly? Well according to our research a mixed color bouquet of garden roses invokes: "You are everything to me." Which may leave us with nothing left to say. And according to the...

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Valentine's Day 2017: The Box

  When flowers are just the first step to their heart..lets add the box to take it somewhere deeper. Create a lovely experience for your beloved with our 2017 Valentine Box. Our boxes are handmade by our Laura and filled by the crew with their favorites.  Items included in the gift box: Camelback Flowershop Candle, Rosemary roasted cashews, Dark chocolate raspberry truffles with gold flakes, Ombre' white chocolate dipped Oreo cookies, Lux coffee beans or Teaspressa black tea, Chocolate Carmel swirled pretzel rods,White small ceramic pot with pink or red moon cactus, Small wooden box with excelsior and ribbon. *Upgrade Valentine floral (*shown here in picture)  Order online or come by the shop M-F 8am-6pm.  Remember Friday is Fresh Flower...

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Valentine's Day 2017: The gang's all here.

Valentine Collection: Juliette.  We study, we design, we edit, we explore, we explode and then our Valentine's Day collection is born for the most discerning of clients and their beloveds to speak the words they are unable to through nature's most perfected mouth: flora. We've created a gang like no other this year.  We are proud to introduce: Audrey, Juliette, Frida, Grace, Meryl, Lola, Penelope, Scarlett, and Stella.  They include an assortment of garden roses, anemones, parrot tulips, magnolia, amaryllis, stock, scabiosa, and more depending on the arrangement. Prices and sizes may vary, but they all carry the same vital message: love.  Please order soon and anticipate the rewards of sending love. Valentine Collection: Grace. Order online, via phone, or come by the flower...

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