Valentine's Day 2017: Flower Speak

The language of flowers, originating more officially in the Victorian Era, has since progressed to provoke more modern messages, though the tangles and roots of love seem to stand the test of the time. We design with the so many complex things in play from growing seasons to taste level and occasion. 
That being said, we wanted to decode and decipher a couple of our designs and what they might mean according to the days of yore. 
Juliette Valentine's Day 2017 Camelback Flowershop
Juliette: Valentine's Day 2017 
So what does our favorite the Juliette say, exactly? Well according to our research a mixed color bouquet of garden roses invokes: "You are everything to me." Which may leave us with nothing left to say. And according to the Language of Flowers by Kate Greenaway a mix of Amaryllis means the recipient is of splendid beauty and timidity. These arrangement might just be the perfect way to reveal a life long crush, even if they are already "yours". 
Scarlett Valentine's Day 2017
Scarlett: Valentine's Day 2017
And what about the classic "dozen roses"...well, we prefer 18. We believe 12 is just not enough. Design wise and the magic they hold means the more the merrier, the more powerful, the more indulgent. Here is a Victorian Floriography breakdown: 
  • Ten Roses:"You are perfect for me."
  • Thirteen Roses: "You have a secret admirer."
  • Fifteen Roses: "I am sorry."

And our interpretation of our 18: Love can't, wont, and don't stop

Order online, in store, or give us a call. Valentine's Day is 13 days away and counting. We thrive during this season, it means we get to be a part of so many powerful messages via Floriography. 
X Teresa
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