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Valentine's Day 2017: Flower Speak

The language of flowers, originating more officially in the Victorian Era, has since progressed to provoke more modern messages, though the tangles and roots of love seem to stand the test of the time. We design with the so many complex things in play from growing seasons to taste level and occasion.  That being said, we wanted to decode and decipher a couple of our designs and what they might mean according to the days of yore.  Juliette: Valentine's Day 2017  So what does our favorite the Juliette say, exactly? Well according to our research a mixed color bouquet of garden roses invokes: "You are everything to me." Which may leave us with nothing left to say. And according to the...

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Give Thanks.

Tis the season to practice what days of old and modern day science have always said- a thankful heart is a full heart and a happy heart. It leads to better physical health and healthier relationships. It leads to all those things we wish we had in the form of contentment. Thankfulness cannot be underrated. We are thankful for you, our beautiful clients, and all the things that flow from our relationship. Truly, we are thankful. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving this year as we do every year.  We are taking orders for Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving feasts and gatherings. If you are hosting or visiting and need the ideal design for your table scape, guests, or gift now is the time to...

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