Give Thanks.

Give Thanks.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece order at Camelback Flowershop

Tis the season to practice what days of old and modern day science have always said- a thankful heart is a full heart and a happy heart. It leads to better physical health and healthier relationships. It leads to all those things we wish we had in the form of contentment. Thankfulness cannot be underrated. We are thankful for you, our beautiful clients, and all the things that flow from our relationship. Truly, we are thankful. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving this year as we do every year. 

We are taking orders for Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving feasts and gatherings. If you are hosting or visiting and need the ideal design for your table scape, guests, or gift now is the time to order. 

Please order our Fall Arrangements here or here, by phone at (602) 840-4646, or visit us at the flowershop to customize so that we are able to discuss your needs for your family and friends. 

Thanksgiving Centerpiece close up

We are looking forward to hearing about your holiday plans and of course, the food. 

Xo Teresa

 PS Plums, creams, burgundy, blushes and burnt oranges, branches, leaves, pods, and the possibilities are virtually endless. What's your fancy...

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