Love: Thanksgiving 2016

The Wampanoag Indians known also Massasoit or Wôpanâak ( "Easterners" or literally "People of the Dawn) shared an autumn harvest feast in 1621 with the Plymouth colonists. It is generally accepted amongst citizens today that this was the first Thanksgiving feast and one in which we continue to celebrate today...some dispute it occurred nearly two decades later, but some original documents prove the 1621 gathering. 
We wanted to do some research on the plants and procedures of those Wampanoag people and what we could continue to learn from them and carry on in tradition and respect. We learned that burning sage, sweetgrass, and other aromatic plants were used amongst the women. 
Sage is available in our shop along with many aromatic plants to accompany your centerpieces and tablescape. In memory of the People of the Dawn, come take part. We are taking orders at the shop, via phone, or online for centerpieces, custom gift boxes, and gifts for your discerning host. 
Happy Thanksgiving from our Camelback Flowershop family to yours. 
Xo Teresa 
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