Flowershop Journal — Branches


Valentine's Day 2017: It's Here.

Valentine 2017 Collection: Meryl  Tomorrow, February 14, will be a day that no one will soon forget because you have invested in love and not any other vice that day. Love is something that is go...
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Love: Thanksgiving 2016

- The Wampanoag Indians known also Massasoit or Wôpanâak ( "Easterners" or literally "People of the Dawn) shared an autumn harvest feast in 1621 with the Plymouth...
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Old School: Lazy Sunday Inspiration

Anthony of Padua, 2013 (Oil on Canvas) // Kehinde Wiley  Just in case you are browsing the internet on this beautiful Sunday for some inspiration we wanted to give you some tips on how some of th...
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The Wrap Subscription: Secret Formula

We are in full fall mode here at the shop. With the change of seasons the flowers and branches we are privileged to enjoy shift in their look, feel, and fragrance. Every week it seems something su...
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Cactus Edition: It's a Jungle Out There

The flowershop is overgrown with some of the most fascinating types of cacti and succulents. I hand selected these for our clients and for us to enjoy while they wait for their forever home. I thou...
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Profile: JoAnne Doyle

JoAnne Doyle: Buyer/Designer Camelback Flowershop The beauty of the Camelback Flowershop is the is the petal, the stems, the leaves, the branches, all the parts that make up the whole. ...
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Bloom, Blossom, Boom and the Maiden

The shop is full to the brim of branches blooming. They are part of what makes spring so magical and why poets become entrapped by their tangles and beauty.  Here is a sampling of our spring branc...
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