Old School: Lazy Sunday Inspiration

Kehinde Wiley

Anthony of Padua, 2013 (Oil on Canvas) // Kehinde Wiley 

Just in case you are browsing the internet on this beautiful Sunday for some inspiration we wanted to give you some tips on how some of the greatest artists found inspiration before the internet consumed us all. 

Pablo Picasso: 

Picasso was originally inspired by his father who was an artist and drawing teacher. Is your family your inspiration?


Robert Motherwell: 

Robert Motherwell played a significant role in laying the foundations for the new movement of Abstract Expressionism also known New York School. They wanted to start a revolution. Do you have a revolution to start? 

Kehinde Wiley:

(Current show at Phoenix Art Museum

"I began with studying art back in LA as a young kid. I first went to art school when I was about 11 and went to big museums in Southern California. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles in the late 80’s and was very much a part of the environment that was driven by some of the defining elements of hip-hop: the violence, anti-social behavior, streets on fire." Your direct environment. What culture lies directly outside your front door? 

Ed Mell: 

“Spending months in that beauty right after being in the city was the catalyst that changed my artistic direction.” Being outdoors can shift your perspective. Have you been outside? 

Go get inspired and come to the shop and build it with blooms. Monday we are open at 8 AM. See you there. 

Xo Teresa



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