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Artist: Faith Christiansen Smeets

One of our beloved artists here at Camelback Flowershop is Faith Christiansen Smeets. Like us, she is one of the people of the desert. She is in all regards studying the wild west, including her own story, and it truly is her daily muse. She applies a range of imagery from abstract to American /Latin folk art to produce - with wide variation in color, technique, and subject matter. She paints what she knows and it is spiritual and fun and true.  Faith paints original works just for us inspired by her research. Her current pieces are in the shop and we are preparing to showcase her next series alongside the Fortoul Brothers and British artist Faye Moorehouse.  Come in and...

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Never not New: Our Flowershop

Fresh Farm Flower wraps available daily at Camelback Flowershop Our little flowershop world is constantly evolving...whether with the seasons or as we discover new artists and indulge in new tastes along the way. Mother nature forces us to morph with the changes of the moon and blooms and our connected city and friends force us to look at things anew. We wanted to highlight a new artist in our shop and some news to keep you up to date with the happenings in our shop.   We would like to announce our friend and artist Bettina Chow has her newest line of ceramics at the shop. They are perfect and cool and sweet and a must. Come see and touch...

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Artists: In House with Hector Acuna.

Two things I am a really big fan of, the first is humans that really really know their craft,and the second, is art that is just strange enough to make you turn your head sideways a bit....Art that draws you in and makes you stare a little longer. Heaven. Over the next five weeks I am going to introduce you to five new artists that we are lucky enough to call our friends. These friends, mostly local, will be gracing our gallery wall with original pieces, curated and framed by us personally, and ready to hang on your wall.  It has always been my dream to expose good art and procure a selection that both the discerning/experienced collector and the...

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Old School: Lazy Sunday Inspiration

Anthony of Padua, 2013 (Oil on Canvas) // Kehinde Wiley  Just in case you are browsing the internet on this beautiful Sunday for some inspiration we wanted to give you some tips on how some of the greatest artists found inspiration before the internet consumed us all.  Pablo Picasso:  Picasso was originally inspired by his father who was an artist and drawing teacher. Is your family your inspiration?   Robert Motherwell:  Robert Motherwell played a significant role in laying the foundations for the new movement of Abstract Expressionism also known New York School. They wanted to start a revolution. Do you have a revolution to start?  Kehinde Wiley: (Current show at Phoenix Art Museum)  "I began with studying art back in...

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Phoenix New Times: Featured Teresa Wilson

Teresa Wilson at home.  This week our chieftain Teresa Wilson was featured in a lovely article  "Inside Camelback Flowershop Owner Teresa Wilson's Cozy Phoenix Ranch House" by Cristen Pennington. Teresa was able to showcase her incredible "war room",  Fortoul Collection, and share her story of the flowershop being written in the stars. We are so excited to share all her insights with our beloved desert residents.  Here are some of our favorite shots and favorite quotes:  Fortoul Brothers 2016 1. Wilson recognizes the significance of creating a warm and welcoming environment in her shop, so she invests in her employees and trains them to maintain that sensibility. “Talk to everyone who comes through the door as though they’re walking into your living...

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