Artist Profile: Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler Flirt, 1995

(Helen Frankenthaler: Flirt, 1995) 

“The only rule is that there are no rules. Anything is possible … It's all about risks, deliberate risks.” - Helen Frankenthaler

When the sun goes down the air turns crisp, sometimes we get to divulge in things other than our day to day. We get to read and process and stare and stare some more. We get to re-think what how we design and how we process the stems and blooms. We get to be reminded that there are no rules and to take some risks, even in the little things.

One of our favorite and most influential artists is Helen Frankenthaler. Frankenthaler passed in 2011, but her presence seems to grow and infiltrate in all facets of modern art and abstraction movements. Her statement on rules was a reminder as the holidays encroach that there are no rules. We get to celebrate and build without rules...we get create art and design here with abandonment. 

Helen Frankenthaler New York Bamboo 1957

(Helen Frankenthaler: New York Bamboo. 1957)

Her works and their sheer massive scale are enough to stop you in your tracks and question all your rules on the spot...probably just as she intended. We encourage you to examine her work and question your rules before the calendar is full or your projects seem to follow all the rules. 

Helen Frankenthaler Untitled 1961-1962

(Helen Frankenthaler: Untitled 1961-1962)

Good luck. See you in the shop if you need some inspiration. 

Xo Teresa


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