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The Ones We Have Loved.

Our sympathies and our hearts have broken time and time again in our shop. We get it. We've been there. Being a part of the loss, grief, and steps of healing is an honor. We are able to serve those in the depth of loss. Please call us and let us come along side and help lay your loves to rest.  We are here. Our designers are here.  X Teresa

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Back to School: Teresa's Choice

Teresa's Choice As we get back to the books and bells and tests and uniforms and early mornings and late nights and homework and schedules, don't forget to stop and take a deep breath. Garden roses are a good reminder to stop, pause, and take a deep breath. Visualizing yourself in a beautiful garden full of fragrant roses and freshly cut anything green should do the trick...when things are hectic - when demands need to be met - Teresa's Choice is a good reminder to stop and breathe, to invite a friend over to catch up, to sit and read, to quite literally stop to smell the roses.  Teresa's Choice We hope to see you in the shop soon. And...

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Last Day of School: Gratitude and Cheers

  As students and graduates take their last exams, their final bows, and say their farewells to the school year...we want to remember the educators, administrators and parents who have worked so hard to invest in our children and our futures.  If you have a favorite on campus, please remember to pick up an arrangement for them and let them know they are appreciated and all are grateful. We have wraps and designs ready for purchase in the shop and online. If you are caught up in the hustle and bustle - we will deliver.  Truly, the next 72 hours a lot will be happening around the Valley and we will hear the cheers and sighs of relief echo through...

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Mom part 6 // Sunday May 12

Jackie O Jackie O. The ultimate symbol of Motherhood and grace in the face of tragedy.  We have those women and sometimes mother's in our lives who have overcome great tragedy time and time again but seem to rise above to love again.  This also speaks to the East Coast gardens running along the estates running from Maine to the Carolinas. Jackie's home territory.  " Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis was an American socialite, book editor, and First Lady of the United States during the presidency of John F. Kennedy from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963." Order online in our Mother's Day Shop or call 602-840-4646 in now to reserve your design.  We all know a Jackie O...is...

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