Valentine's Day / Countdown with Farah / 15 Days

Camelback Flowershop Farah Valentine's Day

We are introducing Farah this Valentine's Day. She is the international symbol of sexy and cool and the West. 

This is for the truly artistic soul. We are seeing this minimalist floral trend all over Spain, New York, and Japan. We have commissioned one of our favorite local ceramic artists, Bettina Chow, to make these beautiful, earthenware vessels that will stand the test of time. If you want something surprising, dreamy, memorable and on trend, this is the design for you. Florals include 5 roses, plum ranunculus, anemones, cosmos, and caramel carnations.

Farah Fawcett

- Vessel Size: 5"+ round x 4"+ high. With the added florals the overall height is approximately 12"+ high x 6-7" round. The size grows to 8-9" round when upgraded with dark, tangly hearts roses.

**Please note: this is a very minimal, shorter design that includes the custom made vessel/vase.**

Camelback Flowershop

You can pre-order online today for your lover on the 14th...Valentine's Day 2019. 

See you in the shop or online. Our designers are ready to send Farah out into the world of sensuality. 

x Teresa

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