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Madonna Camelback Flowershop Valentines 2019
This is rock. This is roll. This is can't stop. This is won't stop. This is the Madonna. Its lavender. Its pink. Its insanity. Its our 80's. Its our girl. Its yours to "express yourself"




Truly, consider this our 1980's inspired love fest. If you are anything like us, then you too will have fun, wild, and hilarious memories of the 80's. Right?We have elevated this design to a far more modern and chic piece, making it a huge fan favorite on Instagram. All the people cannot stop talking about the Madonna. 

Size: Approximately 24" tall x 28" wide

Madonna Valentine Camelback Flowershop
Don't forget to order ahead online or call the shop at 602-840-4646. The Countdown clock is tick tock.
We are very excited to deliver Madonna all over the valley of the sun kissed doll babies. 
x Teresa


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