Isabella Rossellini Camelback Flowershop Valentines Day 2019

Isabella Rossellini was the daughter of Ingrid Bergman - yet Italian at her core. Her life has been full of film and life and the fight for conservation. This is not only for the most beautiful person in your life, but someone fighting with all their might for the preservation of beauty for all. 

Truly, designed for the wild at heart, the Isabella Rossellini is a serious head turner. It embodies the softer side of Italian couture, taking the eye through a complex journey of textures. It is packed with soft peaches and pinks, vintage caramels and oranges, and classic white accents.

Isabella Rossellini

A crowd favorite design and one we hold near and dear to our hearts...forever a standard of beauty...

Isabella Rossellini Camelback Flowershop

Designed in our white ceramic vessel and it measures approximately 24" in height. 

Please call 602-448-0046 or order online

We deliver or come to the shop. 


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