Artist: Faith Christiansen Smeets

Faith Christiansen Smeets

One of our beloved artists here at Camelback Flowershop is Faith Christiansen Smeets. Like us, she is one of the people of the desert. She is in all regards studying the wild west, including her own story, and it truly is her daily muse. She applies a range of imagery from abstract to American /Latin folk art to produce - with wide variation in color, technique, and subject matter. She paints what she knows and it is spiritual and fun and true. 

Paintings by Faith Christiansen Smeets at Camelback Flowershop

Faith paints original works just for us inspired by her research. Her current pieces are in the shop and we are preparing to showcase her next series alongside the Fortoul Brothers and British artist Faye Moorehouse. 

Come in and see her work and explore the desert life in our shop that compliments her pieces. 

x Teresa

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