Labor of Love: The Gift Box

Labor of Love: The Gift Box Gift Box available at Camelback Flowershop
Step 1: We built the box piece by piece. Step 2: We spent weeks testing cookie recipes with our local partners and matching with perfect snacks...lots of trial and error. Have you tried the rosemary cashews? Step 3: We design and then redesign each floral arrangement for the season. Step 4: We spent years refining the perfect scent of our signature candle. Step 5: Then we hit the road and found the most delightful must haves. Step 6: ...All to fit into our box built just for you.
Whether it is Lux coffee beans or Teaspressa tea, Compartes Chocolate bars, roasted rosemary cashews, chocolate carmel pretzel rods, Ruze Cake House lemon lavender short bread cookies, Arizona Jar of honey, Camelback Flowershop Signature candle, small apothecary matches, or of course, our seasonal fresh is handcrafted and designed especially for each client. This was years in the making...and we hope you love every detail. 
Also, these boxes can be custom branded with your logo (allow a two week lead time for custom branding iron to be forged - additional one time fee of $160.00). Let our research and taste tests and years of designing benefit you and/our clientele. 
Please come in and select your Gift Box and experience the love we put into each and everyone. 
Enjoy your long weekend! Get some rest. And We hope we see you today for our Fresh Flower Happy Hour. 
X Teresa.
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