Flowershop Journal — Curbside


Rain is coming, please stay.

As we approach a week of rain, the glorious, joyous, extra scrumptious rain, we wanted to remind our clients that we have curbside pick up-no matter the weather. We know mother earth needs to be r...
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Thankful: for the long weekend.

We hope you had time to be with those near and dear to you yesterday. Our list of gratitudes and hope are a mile long. It never ceases to amaze what a day of thankfulness can do for the soul.  We ...
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The Art of the Move

Camelback Flowershop is on the move.  Now that we have officially announced our move to our new location  (4124 E Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85018) 2 blocks east of our current space, we have ...
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We're Moving // Fall Update

  The mornings are already crisp and the evenings cool. The afternoons are perfect for a deep breath and the moon is bright in the dark sky. While the shop is in full hustle mode, we are excited to...
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Labor of Love: The Gift Box

Step 1: We built the box piece by piece. Step 2: We spent weeks testing cookie recipes with our local partners and matching with perfect snacks...lots of trial and error. Have you tried the rose...
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Succulent Bar, always

The shop is now offering a Succulent Bar, full time, M-F 8AM-6PM. Come and design with your own vessel or choose one from our collection at the shop. One of our designers will give you a quick tut...
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Weather Permitting

The average temperature in the Phoenix lowlands is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat of the city, the black, the industry, and the exposure in the desert can wear on us... We have decided to serv...
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Valentine's Day 2017: The gang's all here.

Valentine Collection: Juliette.  We study, we design, we edit, we explore, we explode and then our Valentine's Day collection is born for the most discerning of clients and their beloveds to speak...
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