Succulent Bar, always

Succulent Bar Camelback Flowershop

The shop is now offering a Succulent Bar, full time, M-F 8AM-6PM. Come and design with your own vessel or choose one from our collection at the shop. One of our designers will give you a quick tutorial and we will of course have everything you need on hand.

Succulent Bar Camelback Flowershop

Soil, rock, sand, succulents, and good music to get you through the process. 

Succulents Camelback Flowershop

If you have a party of 6 people or more, please call ahead to reserve so that we are able to accommodate your party. The more the merrier...happy hour plans?

Succulent Bar Camelback Flowershop

We are also able to design for you if you are wanting to drop a vessel by and then pick up at your convenience for your home or office. 

Come and get down at our bar, our Succulent Bar. 

X Teresa

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