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Our designers never cease. Have you thought about your winter mood? Your holiday dream...is it rich hues and dark and moody to match the evening light? Is it merry and bright? Is it monochromatic? Can we help you creatively build your dreamscape?  We are open every day of the week. We open at 8AM and designers will be there. When inspiration hits-come see us.   x Teresa

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Women and Their Cactus fields

Maricopa Women by Edward Curtis Women have long been in the fields of saguaros and prickly pear and cholla and grasses investing and collecting provisions. The shop is invested in bringing in native plants to continue our relationship with them and hoping our clients will learn from and take care of the flora of the desert. Like the women before us, we hope learning the care of the earth and its fruits sustain life for generations to come.  Photographer Edward Curtis is famous for collecting images of native Arizonans and others at the turn of the century. His photographs are beautiful and daunting and eye opening to a world we think we know but yet perhaps do not. While there...

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Succulent Bar, always

The shop is now offering a Succulent Bar, full time, M-F 8AM-6PM. Come and design with your own vessel or choose one from our collection at the shop. One of our designers will give you a quick tutorial and we will of course have everything you need on hand. Soil, rock, sand, succulents, and good music to get you through the process.  If you have a party of 6 people or more, please call ahead to reserve so that we are able to accommodate your party. The more the merrier...happy hour plans? We are also able to design for you if you are wanting to drop a vessel by and then pick up at your convenience for your home or...

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Never not New: Our Flowershop

Fresh Farm Flower wraps available daily at Camelback Flowershop Our little flowershop world is constantly evolving...whether with the seasons or as we discover new artists and indulge in new tastes along the way. Mother nature forces us to morph with the changes of the moon and blooms and our connected city and friends force us to look at things anew. We wanted to highlight a new artist in our shop and some news to keep you up to date with the happenings in our shop.   We would like to announce our friend and artist Bettina Chow has her newest line of ceramics at the shop. They are perfect and cool and sweet and a must. Come see and touch...

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Fresh Flower Happy Hour: Like No Other

Isn't she lovely... She is ready for the weekend, are you? We love to kick start our weekend with a beautiful arrangement or a wrap ready for dinner with friends or a quiet night at home... We want to help you get ready for the weekend ahead whether it is loud or quiet. Join us for Fresh Flower Happy Hour every Friday from 1PM-6PM where all of our fresh flowers are half off. We pack the cooler to the brim with fresh flowers, flower wraps and ready-made designs, we turn the music up a little louder, and sometimes we have special guests that bring coffee, fresh baked goods and other treats for us to share with you. Hope to see you today and all the Fridays...

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