Profile: Alba Serrato

Alba Serrato

She is your main hustle, side hustle, mentor of the hustle, and throughout the hustle she is the hustle. She is our Alba. A desert native and a true member of our flowershop familia. 

Alba grew up with her legs firmly planted in the desert, surrounded by her four siblings, and her green thumbs busy at the nurseries her father managed in the valley of the sun. She started tending to plants and flowers at an early age and her love for those plants and flowers would eventually bring us together. She attended a Pith+Marrow class held at Camelback Flowershop and the rest is history. She is now a part of our team and Alba is our go to for terrariums and cacti design. 

Here is a little session of "get to know": 

Name: Alba

Years with Camelback Flowershop: 2

Favorite flower: Black and White Anemones 

Past/Present life: Alba has a hair studio in downtown Phoenix and is a pseudo chef. 

Design Style: Garden style and Terrarium design 

Hobbies: She is passionate about design (vintage/furniture/art) and renewables/recycling. Ask her about it sometime here at the shop, she'll give you the 4-1-1. 

Alba 2

Come to the shop and design your dream terrarium scenario (hers are truly works of art) with Alba and discuss design and up-cycling and vintage clothing and the best places to eat in town. She's the best girl to have around. 

Xo Teresa

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