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The Monsoon: Flooding with Forgiveness

We crave the rush of the monsoon. We crave the rush of that last hot breath before its filled with drops from the sky. The desert can be rash and brash, but then the light and the clouds and the drops and the breeze and the wet asphalt changes it all and you forgive her. We forgive the desert after the rain and we should forgive ourselves while we are at it...

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Local // Whipstone Farms

In the hustle and bustle of the shop...we are constantly amazed at what grows. We get little insects, we get giant blooms, we get babies with their momma blooms, we get poked, we get to enjoy an aroma like no other...every day it changes and every day it never ceases to amaze. Truly, we do a lot of giddy here at all the unexpected gifts that come with our floral deliveries. One of our most precious deliveries are those from Whipstone Farms. We have gone local as much as we possibly can and stick with the seasons. Our partnership with Cory and Shanti of Whipstone Farms, outside of Prescott, is one we cherish and try to honor daily in our...

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Spring to Summer 2018

Because the summer is here..or is it? We still want our family and friends to join us for graduations, ceremonies, and laughs before the heat decimates. Come to the flower shop and select gifts for these moments (and prepare your indoor space for the long summer ahead).  Cocktails? Yes, we can help you with that. Serving board? Yes, we can  take care of the serving. A dressed up patio for guests? Yes, we can revolutionize your space. A few more precious hours of a cool morning...we have you covered. We want our desert tribe to keep to our traditions of serving one and another and always always staying "warm" because that is when we are at our best.  Let the...

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A Moment of Silence.

The current floods in Southeast Asia and the devastation by Hurricane Harvey to our fellow Americans in Texas is a sober reminder of the fragility of our world and also the compassion and remarkable human spirit. Today, we are meditating, praying, pausing a moment and just posting flowers. They are representative of fragility, strength, and are to be distributed for all occasions. Please consider giving to the rescue efforts at home and abroad.  And now for some flowers as you mediate and pray for those who have been lost and those who have lost during these water shed days and nights. Thank you for joining us in a moment of silence. See you at the shop.  X Teresa

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Never not New: Our Flowershop

Fresh Farm Flower wraps available daily at Camelback Flowershop Our little flowershop world is constantly evolving...whether with the seasons or as we discover new artists and indulge in new tastes along the way. Mother nature forces us to morph with the changes of the moon and blooms and our connected city and friends force us to look at things anew. We wanted to highlight a new artist in our shop and some news to keep you up to date with the happenings in our shop.   We would like to announce our friend and artist Bettina Chow has her newest line of ceramics at the shop. They are perfect and cool and sweet and a must. Come see and touch...

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