Flowershop Journal — Summer florals


The Monsoon: Flooding with Forgiveness

We crave the rush of the monsoon. We crave the rush of that last hot breath before its filled with drops from the sky. The desert can be rash and brash, but then the light and the clouds and the dr...
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Local // Whipstone Farms

In the hustle and bustle of the shop...we are constantly amazed at what grows. We get little insects, we get giant blooms, we get babies with their momma blooms, we get poked, we get to enjoy an ...
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Spring to Summer 2018

Because the summer is here..or is it? We still want our family and friends to join us for graduations, ceremonies, and laughs before the heat decimates. Come to the flower shop and select gifts f...
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A Moment of Silence.

The current floods in Southeast Asia and the devastation by Hurricane Harvey to our fellow Americans in Texas is a sober reminder of the fragility of our world and also the compassion and remarkab...
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Never not New: Our Flowershop

Fresh Farm Flower wraps available daily at Camelback Flowershop Our little flowershop world is constantly evolving...whether with the seasons or as we discover new artists and indulge in new taste...
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Weather Permitting

The average temperature in the Phoenix lowlands is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat of the city, the black, the industry, and the exposure in the desert can wear on us... We have decided to serv...
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Fresh Flower Happy Hour: Like No Other

Isn't she lovely... She is ready for the weekend, are you? We love to kick start our weekend with a beautiful arrangement or a wrap ready for dinner with friends or a quiet night at home... We w...
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Tools <> of the <>Trade

Our tools become an extension of our bodies here in the shop. We are useless without them. We build, perfect, and help the growth in our shop with everything from knives to watering cans. We hav...
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Profile: Alba Serrato

She is your main hustle, side hustle, mentor of the hustle, and throughout the hustle she is the hustle. She is our Alba. A desert native and a true member of our flowershop familia.  Alba grew ...
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