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In the hustle and bustle of the shop...we are constantly amazed at what grows. We get little insects, we get giant blooms, we get babies with their momma blooms, we get poked, we get to enjoy an aroma like no other...every day it changes and every day it never ceases to amaze. Truly, we do a lot of giddy here at all the unexpected gifts that come with our floral deliveries. One of our most precious deliveries are those from Whipstone Farms. We have gone local as much as we possibly can and stick with the seasons. Our partnership with Cory and Shanti of Whipstone Farms, outside of Prescott, is one we cherish and try to honor daily in our shop. Their process, love, and dedication for their land is so evident in the flowers that come into our space. 
Flowers at Camelback Flowershop
They have dedicated their lives to their land and community...and flowers are a huge part of that process. Simply, the growing of the flowers helps with the growing of the food and the health of the land. We love how they do business too.
" At our farm everything is grown naturally with no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or harmful chemicals. Because our flowers don’t ship long distances, they are way fresher and don’t require any nasty preservatives like those commonly used in the floral industry. We are also able to grow hard to ship, old-fashioned blooms that have fallen out of fashion in the commercial trade."
-Whipstone Farms
Cory and Shanty of Whipstone Farms
" We are the owners of Whipstone Farm.  We didn’t grow up on farms, yet we both found a love for farming and enjoy the hard work and immense rewards that come with it.  We love growing food and flowers and sharing them with our community." -Cory and Shanti 
Thank you Cory and Shanti for letting us be a part of your growing. We are honored to partner with you and our design, business, and community here in the Valley is better for it...
Come to the shop and get your wrap for the week or mark off your to do list with our every changing dedication to beautiful objects to select from.
x Teresa
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  • can’t wait to visit. Love to see your farm and old-time flowers, things that are fragrant!

  • I really appreciate your farm, you made your farm like a beautiful palace

    Deepanshu garg

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